When it comes to lighting a garden it is always important to identify the different areas of the garden and how you wish to use them. We would always recommend a visit by a trained garden lighting designer who will know exactly what will and will not work. Below are some examples of the different types of areas to consider and avoid.

A pergola or seating area where you plan to eat/relax outdoors would mainly require downlights as this is the best way of lighting this area in terms of practicality and look. Strong up lighting should be avoided as will tend to dazzle the viewer and diminish the overall effect. Uplights can be used but we would recommend they are used against the uprights of the pergola or for example small trees and shrubs just outside the pergola boundary.


Large trees are always fantastic to light and really make a garden stand out. There are lots of different ways of lighting trees but in our experience, this is always governed by the surrounding area. An example would be a large tree in the middle of a lawn would require recessed lights in the ground with another three or four in the tree to catch the main canopy. The only time we would not light a large tree would be if there was a strong light source that would interfere such as a street lamp.

Retaining walls and path walls are fantastic to light as they add definition which again provides depth to the overall effect of the garden lighting scheme. They can also add to the practical use of paths by subtly lighting them in a very soft and inviting way.

Garden Lighting Ideas
Garden Lighting Ideas

Lawns can be very tricky to light as they usually require a large spread of strong light which tends to ruin the overall effect of the rest of the garden. In our experience, the lawn area is best left in darkness as it tends to frame the other area of interests which are lit and provide a strong emphasis on depth.

Driveways are another interesting feature and can be lit in various ways from recessed LEDs to down lighting from trees. The main aim for this type of area is to get the delicate balance between practicality and beauty which when done well can transform a house and garden.

Garden Lighting Ideas

Water features are another must when it comes to lighting your garden. The use of water can add movement to the light and reflect mirror images that can turn your scheme into something amazing and beautiful.

We hope the lighting ideas above give you a small but insightful introduction in terms of areas to consider and areas to avoid. If you have an area that is causing you problems and you would like help in designing or overcoming specific lighting problems please feel free to send a photo via email and we will provide advice and guidance.

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