Garden Lighting Lamps & Bulbs

Garden Lighting Lamps & Bulbs: A Guide to Selection

Choosing the right lamps and bulbs is crucial for effective garden lighting. Let’s explore the common types of halogen lamps used in garden lighting and their specific applications:

MR16 Lamps

The MR16, a 12-volt reflector lamp with a 50mm diameter, is versatile and widely used in outdoor settings. Suitable for low voltage spotlights, uplights, downlights, step lights, and underwater lights, they are available in 10, 20, 35, 75, and 100 watts. As the most common extra low voltage lamp, we recommend sourcing them from reliable electrical wholesalers or online garden lighting sellers to ensure quality.

MR11 Lamps

MR11 lamps are smaller 35mm, 12-volt halogen bulbs, varying in 10, 20, and 35 watts. These are ideal for micro spotlights in areas where MR16s are too large, providing flexibility in design for compact spaces.

MR8 Lamps

The MR8 is the smallest in this range, a 25mm, 12-volt halogen lamp, available in 10 or 20 watts. Initially popular for display and under-cabinet lighting, they are increasingly used in newer garden lighting fixtures for subtle illumination.

GU10 Lamps

GU10 lamps are mains voltage 50mm bulbs, similar to their low voltage counterparts in effect and power. However, in garden lighting, they tend to be less crisp in light quality and more susceptible to water damage and electrical tripping.

Choosing the Right Beam Angle and Brightness

When selecting bulbs for exterior lighting, consider both the brightness and the beam angle. Beam angles range from 12 to 60 degrees, affecting how light is distributed. Narrow beams create focused pools of light, ideal for accentuating features, while wider beams (up to 60 degrees) offer broader coverage, suitable for areas like shrub borders or pergolas.

Brightness isn’t solely determined by wattage. A 20-watt lamp with a narrow beam can appear brighter than a 50-watt lamp with a wide beam. Therefore, match the beam angle to your specific lighting needs first, then consider the desired brightness.

Understanding these nuances in lamps and bulbs will help you create the most effective and appealing garden lighting scheme. For more detailed advice on choosing the right lighting for your garden, feel free to contact us.

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