Garden Lighting London provides a Garden Lighting Maintenance & Repair Service for everyone.

We have over 17 years experience in repairing and refurbishing old garden lighting installations (even if we did not install the system in the first place).

If you have had a garden lighting system installed in the past, it may be damaged or not be working, or you may find the type of bulbs used are expensive to run, and as such don’t use your garden lighting to its full effect. Well, we can fix a broken bulb, a worn cable or any part of your old garden lighting system. We can even upgrade it to a more modern standard so you can once again enjoy all the benefits of lighting your beautiful garden.

We can also help keep your old system running problem free with an on-site inspection as and when you deem it necessary. Just call or email us and let the experts transform your lighting system.

Garden Lighting Maintenance & Repair Service